Exhaustive professional competences map

150 competencies that cover all the market needs.

The B-Talent Academic Team has designed a competence dictionary based on the most scientifically rigorous and prestigious standards in the market, compiling all the most recognised competence models including those most requested by customers.

Sales Management and Customer Service, Management and Leadership, Top Management, Personal Development, Efficiency and Productivity, and High Performance Teams are the training areas that make up the most complete competence map in the market. 150 competencies which cover all the development needs of any professional sector.

Innovative methodological model

Training itinerary aimed at habit acquisition

The B-Talent methodology develops the key behaviours of the competences which need to be improved by training in the behaviour
patterns required for each specific situation. The ultimate goal is that every student acquires the
habits and transfers them correctly to their workplace.

The four pillars


The students acquire the specific habits necessary in everyday situations thanks to the measurement and training of the key behaviours of each competence.

Innovative training process

Sensitise, measure, practice, train, consolidate and compare. Our itinerary covers all the stages of the learning process so that the students internalise the patterns and transform them into habits.

Disruptive methodology

It combines the positive aspects of classroom training (direct work on attitudes and skills) with the best of e-learning (interaction and speed). This mixing of channels enables the flexible individualisation of training.


We offer fully tailored training solutions according to the competence improvement you are looking for. We adapt to your business sector and the specific position the training is for.

The best experts

We have the best academic team supporting our training.

Javier Fernández Aguado.


Considered the most prestigious consultant and author in the field of Management, he brings all his experience and knowledge to the post of B-Talent Academic Director. He coordinates the participation of different experts, guarantees the total integrity of the model, and ensures the rigor and timeliness of its content.

Gurus and experts.

The best experts in the relevant fields contribute their scientific knowledge of the behaviours and skills.

Top managers.

Managers with recognised prestige in the professional and business world bring their experience of corporate reality.

Cutting edge technology

The best cloud environment to deliver the best service


The B-Talent Technology provides access to many interactive resources in multiple formats to offer the user a unique learning experience. The student can decide how, when and where to progress in their development through our multi-device distribution.


B-Talent has a full measurement environment to evaluate the “before and after” competency levels. It also offers a flexible, simple and personalised academic environment with a plethora of multimedia resources associated with each profile.


B-Talent offers the best technological environments for Coaches and Tutors. It enables the management, monitoring and energising of student groups, as well as a complete picture of the status of the training, through simple management panels and complete scorecards.