Why develop your team’s soft skills in the era of AI?


While many people fear a future in which robots and AI will eliminate humans from the workforce, the truth is, there are a number of skills that have become more necessary than ever. We refer to soft skills as those “human” skills that a machine cannot (yet) replicate.

Compared to their counterparts, hard skills, or technical skills, have seen new technologies undergoing constant changes in recent years, with some even disappearing. For soft skills, however, there is no risk of becoming obsolete. Not only are these cross-cutting skills useful in all activities and sectors, they are also timeless.

Today, there is a growing challenge for most companies. New generations of employees can perfectly manage new technologies, and most of them have built their careers on being able to take on the latest technological advances. However, the development of soft skills is precisely what they need to work on.

How to train a multi-generational team in soft skills?

Generation Z and millennials are not the only generations in the current workforce. There are also Generation X and baby boomers, who have not yet retired. Each generation has various needs and, above all, tend to coexist in a completely different way with new technologies.

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