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Here at B-Talent we believe that talent is the key driving force of companies. Therefore, we provide companies with the most effective solution to develop their employees.

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2015 | B-Talent was created

Our company was created as a Soft Skills development line of the Bizpills Group a technology-based holding company specialising in increasing people productivity, efficiency and performance.


2016 | Methodology and catalogue

The B-Talent dictionary of competencies is now the most comprehensive on the market, with over 155 titles.

2017 | Panel of gurus and executives

Experts of international prestige and executives of big companies are starting to collaborate on our training programmes in order to provide a more up-to-date and practical approach.

2018 | Gamification and Microlearning

We adapt our training to the new learning formulas by introducing high-impact micro-content and gamification dynamics.


What people say about us

  • “Right from the very start, the B-Talent team put their heart and soul into understanding our issues and speaking our language. The participants were able to learn in a new and useful way that was personalised to our everyday life, which was undoubtedly reflected in the results."

    European University of Madrid

    Rebeca Vaillo

  • “B-Talent works. The Lideríza-t project produced such good results for us that we are already planning the third edition. The participation and satisfaction of all potentials were very high.”

    Head of Training and Institute at Norauto

    José Vicente Navarro

  • “We saw the need to adapt to the new ways of learning and decided to do a B-Talent microlearning and gamification competency development programme. The results were so good that we'll be back.”

    Director of Corporate Development

    Company in the pharmaceutical sector

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