We helped Petit Palace to bring out their employees’ talent through mentoring

Alfonso Castellano, CEO of Petit Palace, and Esther Ortega, Human Resources Manager at the hotel chain, tell us how the experience went and how they were able to get 100% participation in the project and a knowledge retention rate of greater than 84%.

More about the success story

Petit Palace is a boutique hotel chain that turns emblematic buildings into small palaces with their own personality and charm. The success of these delightful hotels can also be explained by how they treat their customers. The Petit Palace mission is for each guest to have a unique, personal experience during his/her stay.

The need

With the aim of boosting talent within the company, Petit Palace decided to improve its development initiatives and entrusted that project to B-Talent. The company needed to create a practical, custom mentoring training plan to allow executives and mid-level managers to become mentors capable of guiding their mentees and passing knowledge on to them.

The solution

A mentoring training plan was designed under a blended learning scheme with sequential e-learning and high-impact pedagogical resources, as well as two face-to-face sessions given by an expert in the subject matter.

The results

Thanks to an innovative methodology, future Petit Palace mentors were able to gain a deep understanding of the behaviors for success during the online phase and apply their knowledge to their daily realities during the face-to-face sessions. As a result, Petit Palace got 100% participation in the project and a knowledge application rate of over 84%.

Explained by…


Alfonso Castellano

CEO of Petit Palace


Esther Ortega

Human Resources Manager at Petit Palace


Edurne Vázquez

Strategic Project Manager

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