100% personalized and gamified training: the formula for talent development at the European University of Madrid

Samuel Rodríguez, Talent Development Manager, and Rebeca Vaillo, HR Specialist, both of whom work for the European University of Madrid, tell us firsthand how they strengthened the sales team at the university with B-Talent, reaching a training completion and knowledge retention rate of over 90%.

More about the success story

The European University is an academic institution that was founded in 1995 and which currently has more than 13,000 students. One of the key aspects of its philosophy is its clear commitment to quality – something that does not only define the teaching it provides to its students but also its initiatives to boost the talent of its employees.

The need

With that commitment to quality in mind, the university saw the need to develop a competence training plan to be able to strengthen the skills of its new Admissions team. The challenge? Providing the team with high-impact, innovative, practical, and individualized training that would be able to uphold the university’s quality standards.

The solution

As a response, B-Talent designed a training plan focused on the following competences: ‘Closing Sales,’ ‘Commercial Communication and Influence,’ and ‘Emotional Intelligence Applied to Sales.’ The plan had three stages: an e-learning phase, with interactive contents of high pedagogical value, a face-to-face session, with practical activities aligned with the team’s daily work, and a final gamification phase with questions, challenges, and contests. All of that was packed into a cutting-edge technological environment.

The results

Thanks to this innovative methodology, participants were able to gain a deeper understanding and transfer the knowledge acquired throughout each of the phases to their position at work, doing so in a quick and easy way. User satisfaction and reception were quite positive, as well as the results: online training was completed by more than 90% and gamification got a knowledge retention index of as high as 93%. As of today, the project has been adapted to develop the talent of other collectives at the institution.

Explained by…

Samuel Rodriguez

Samuel Rodríguez

Talent Development Manager

Rebeca Vaillo

Rebeca Vaillo

HR Specialist at the European University of Madrid

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