Transform your team's behavior

Captivate your employees with the best Soft Skills training.

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Technology to create and retain the talent in your company

Improve the results of your training on skills and competencies by adapting it to new ways of learning for your team using state-of-the-art technology. A solution for each learning style.

& Gamification

Boost the impact of your project using the most innovative methodology

Train your team using micro-content lasting no more than 5 mins, individual games and social dynamics.

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Strengthen the acquisition of behaviours through the most effective e-learning

Focus on using the most visual, attractive and dynamic content for your skills training.

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Boost motivation. Increase learning


Concept retention


Change the habits of your employees to achieve success

Develop the exact skill that each employee needs, with the most comprehensive catalogue of courses and programmes on competencies on the market.

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Train specific behaviours and situations in order to ensure the application of knowledge to the job

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Adapt your Soft Skills training to the reality of the company at present. With the participation of top-class gurus and executives

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Over 380.000 professionals in multinationals and SMEs have already improved their skills and competencies with B-Talent

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Get your competency training started right from the word go

Regardless of the technical knowledge of your employees

  • Simple and intuitive interface


However, whenever and wherever you want

  • Multi-device
  • Internet connection not required

No need to invest time and effort in complex implementation processes

  • In a couple of clicks
  • On any smartphone
  • With our app


Compatible with any LMS

  • SCORM standard
  • HTML5

And with an optimised investment for any project and company

* For companies with 10 employees or those with 100,000

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Training on skills and competencies

Prepare your team for the challenges in the company at present.

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